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Used Equipment For Sale – Equipment Leases Inc. is pleased to be able to offer our clients in the United States and abroad a large inventory of hard-to-find equipment. Many manufacturers have a 2 to 3-year wait to buy new equipment making the used equipment market a hotbed of activity. We are starting with used equipment in the Food Processing, Food Packaging, Mining, and Cannabis industries with more to follow. We have over 10,000 pieces available but will only feature a few on our site to start with and add more as fast as we are able.

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We have set up an information desk that will allow you to give us a list of the equipment you need and our equipment specialists will go to work and find exactly what you need. We have vast resources to source new inventory, knowledge of factories that are closing that may have exactly what you need and when it will be available, or we may have already purchased exactly what you need but have yet to load the used equipment to our website.  Just click here and fill out the short form and our team will go to work.

Equipment leases Inc. is also able to finance and of these items from $25,000 to as high as $3,000,000. So take a look and see if we have what you need or let us know what you’re after and we will help find it. Either way, you will experience “fanatic” customer service as we continue to provide the services and expertise you won’t find anyplace else.

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Equipment Leases Inc. is pleased to have access to over 10,000 pieces of used equipment covering more than 160 categories and making this broad inventory available for all of our customers to browse and find the perfect replacement machinery for their individual operations.

Autoclaves from Harris products, Hodge, Mathews Steel these horizontal autoclaves come in sizes from 36”x17’, 48”x17’ and up to 82” X 100’

Baggers from APM for wicketed bags and some with 12” lifts and 5 station baggers

Balers hydraulic balers and compactors in multiple sizes.

Cappers – our selection of cappers is unmatched with a wide variety of styles and sizes including inline cappers, screw cappers, rotary cappers, handle applicators, snap capers, steam and stoppering cappers.

Baskets from 80 gallons to 250 gallons with perforations and several that are brand new and never used

Blowers including centrifugal blowers, lobe-type blowers, pressure and gas blowers. With over 62 in inventory we are sure to have the exact make and model you need for your business operations.

Blanchers both screw blanchers and belt blancher’s stainless steel, two stage from ABCO one of the top blancher manufacturers in the world

Blister Packers from some of the top manufactures including Duan Kwei, Chase and Sun Jau. Our selection includes many with conveyors, thermoforming and one with a rotary staging.

Blowers including centrifugal blowers, lobe-type blowers, pressure and gas blowers. With over 62 in inventory we are sure to have the exact make and model you need for your business operations.

Centrifuges is one of our main categories with over 100 units in stock to choose from including basket centrifuges, decanters, disc stacks, from great manufacturers like Alfa Laval, Toniatti, Western States and Sharples.

Conveyors is one of our largest category including a wide assortment of conveyors including Belt, Screw, Roller, skate wheel, vibratory, chainbelt pneumatic and the hard to find spiral conveyor. In sizes from 10 feet to as long at 1200 feet and everything in between

Cone Crushers from Symons, Braun and Nordberg from a small 6 inch unit to a massive 84 inch crusher with 400 HP

Dicers from Urchel and Promax  including meat dicers, uni-slicers, stainless steel, strip cutters, in a variety of sizes and HP motors.

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