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Thank you for considering Equipment Leases Inc as your partner in funding your next equipment purchase. Our team of professionals are dedicated to a high standard of customer service excellence. As soon as you complete the short form which will provide us with sufficient detail to initiate a review [process on your request. We pride ourselves on the speed with which your application is directed to the most experienced specialist covering your specific request, whether manufacturing or renewable energy. We have a team member that is very fluent in that industry and the equipment needed to stay ahead.
Please complete the entire form so we have your correct contact information and are able to respond immediately to your request or for additional clarity on the project. If you have already selected the equipment needed and have invoices for the purchase please include that information in the “Describe Equipment Needs” section, it will allow us to see a bigger picture of your project and in so doing be a better advisor in the process of paying for all of the necessary equipment as well as the inherent soft costs expected. If you are in the transportation industry then please provide us your monthly factoring volume in the last field. We look forward to serving you and appreciate the trust placed in us by completing this form.