Renewable Energy Equipment Leases and Business Loans

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Renewable Energy Equipment Loans

Renewable energy has become an industry that is worth about one billion dollars. It focuses on clean, green power that includes solar, geothermal, wind, and water.

The advances that are being brought forth from renewal fuel are coming fast. It is hard to keep up with all the equipment and updates. If you own a renewable energy business, you know how costly these upgrades and new machinery are. But, you can have the latest tools and updates without breaking the bank.

Leasing the equipment you need for your business can save more cash for other business needs.


What renewable energy equipment can be leased?

The types of green energy equipment that can be leased may amaze you.

Leasing this equipment instead of tying up cash for years, for the equipment that change weekly with upgrades makes sense.

Here is some of the renewable energy equipment that is available for lease:


Lease renewable energy equipment from a trusted name

Equipment Leases is a trusted name in green power equipment business. We will work with you to create a lease to get the equipment you need for a monthly payment that fits your budget.

If you have questions, please get in touch with us. We can answer your questions and walk you through the easy application process. We can say yes to lease you equipment you need.

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

Renewable Energy Equipment Lease $21,000,000

We were privileged to take part in a 21-million-dollar BIODIESEL facility set in central California.  But, our opponent, a well-known California State Banking group, moved slowly and became buried in red tape.

Our first admission from closing and wiring funds to the first scheduled lease was an amazing 30 days.  We funded the construction of the project for eight months. After the eight months, we then began the lease.  We offered the client a payment equal to a 120-month repayment plan. We could do that by using a shorter term with a larger payment at the end of the term. 

The larger a project is the slower and less likely money center banks are to consider funding. Equipment Leases were able to fund so quickly because the client was prepared. They had their financials ready. In addition, our teams are just simply the BEST!