Semiconductor Equipment Financing

Financing for Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Plants

The semiconductor chip has become a integral part of any product production from autos to toys. Unfortunately we are in the middle of the worst chip shortage in the past 30 years. This shortage has halted production on numerous major brands. Frustrated consumers that are unable to buy as they hoped. The price point for new production is reflective of the lack of supply. This is such an important time for semiconductor manufacturing companies. They need to have the most updated, efficient, and reliable equipment. If your business doesn’t, then you can bet that your competitors have.

With the shortage of chip availability many large producers are ramping up and expanding facilities. Equipment Leasing is able to fund the equipment expansion needs up to $50-million per project. We want to make funding available for any expansion of current or new facilities.

Semiconductor Manufacuring

Complex and Expensive Semiconductor Equipment Financing

Equipment Leases have worked with thousands of businesses. Many of them in
manufacturing and even those within the semiconductor manufacturing industry. We are in the business of supplying you with the best financing options up to $50 million. That way you can acquire the needed equipment. Doing so with lease terms customized to your business and current situation.

We work with CFO’s, CEO’s and Production managers. We ensure they are getting the
exact financing package needed and most of the time we fund 100% of their equipment
needs. Our semiconductor fabrication financing program has affordable rates. This
allows you the equipment you need at affordable rates. Even if your credit isn’t the best,
we will work with your business to build a flexible payment schedule.

Chip Manufacturing Equipment We Finance

Choosing to finance your equipment with Equipment Leases can help your business acquire even more than the following hardware:

This is not a definitive list of the equipment we offer. Whatever you need for your semiconductor manufacturing operation, we have the tools to secure you the right financing for it.


Why Choose Equipment Lease for Your Semiconductor Equipment Financing?

Chip shortages, supply chain problems, limited auto production result from the need for expanded semiconductor production, which means a large amount of semiconductor fabrication equipment needs to be acquired.

We have been fortunate to provide the financing resources needed by many semiconductor production facilities. However, the creation of integrated circuits often requires some very specialized equipment. Therefore, we are happy to finance all semiconductor manufacturing equipment needs up to a maximum of $50,000,000.

Whether a shop produces memory chips, microcontrollers, integrated circuits, or DRAM chips, we provide equipment lease financing and loans for the sophisticated equipment needed.

Semiconductor Equipment Financing

America’s Choice for Semiconductor Equipment Financing

The semiconductor industry has seen a lot of changes. The world of manufacturing moves quickly today, and semiconductors are no different. When you are ready to bring your business into the 21st century, we have the financing tools to take your operation to the next level. Whatever your business goals may be, Equipment Leases looks forward to working with you to get you there.

We strongly recommend you fill out a free quote on our services today. Our representatives are always ready to review your application, answer any questions you may have, and get you the quick and affordable financing your business deserves.

Even if your credit isn’t the greatest, we are still able to secure you an affordable manufacturing equipment loan. Since 2013 we have served businesses across America, and we look forward to serving yours as well.

Contact us directly at (801) 461-3304 or apply for a free quote here. Whatever area of the semiconductor industry you operate in, we have the financing to get you ahead of the competition! Our team is ready to work with you to find the best loan possible for your equipment financing. Contact us today.