Food Packaging equipment Leases and Business Loans

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Food Packaging Equipment Leasing and Loans

We love the food packaging industry with its cutting edge equipment which we are happy to provide a 3-5 year lease to acquire or approve a capital lease so you own it outright at the end of term. Regardless we love the industry and the equipment and can be flexible. Leasing has come to the forefront of late as discussions in the industry turn to using cash for production equipment or lease the equipment and save the cash for growth.

Maintaining your equipment is critical, and you should consider a redundant backup if a piece of equipment goes down. This downtime can be costly and its always good to have a plan b in case of equipment failures.

Equipment Leases large enough to serve many industries including: LED Lighting and Installation, Medical Equipment Leasing and even Power Generation Equipment Leasing.


Food Preparation
Food Packaging

Benefits of leasing

The benefits of leasing are you can have a redundant backup. It frees your company’s capital to be used elsewhere on streamlining their business or opening new revenue streams. Leasing from Equipment Leases allows you to improve the financials for credit ratings, investors, and bank auditors. Of course, there is always the option of a loan to purchase the equipment.

No matter what specialty your food processing plant specializes in, Equipment Leases can help you with your business needs from $100,000 and up over $5 million. We can also lease to companies with less than perfect credit or financial statements with a few blemishes. We can finance B-, C, or D credit and even offer reasonable and flexible rates that will fit into any budget.

We can aid any and all packaging methods, including:

  • Vacuum sealed packaging for items such as freeze-dried coffee bricks, smoked meats, or fish
  • Preservation packagings like shrink wrapping, jar canning, aluminum cans, egg cartons, or milk jugs
  • Hermetically sealed or airtight such as medications like Tylenol.
Food Packaging

Types of food packaging equipment we have experience with: