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Manufacturing and Robotics Equipment Leasing

Today manufacturing has gone through many evolutions and innovations since the industrial age began. From steam, electricity, the assembly line to today’s innovations of manufacturing automation and manufacturing robotics.

It is harder for small to medium manufacturing plants to stay on top of the newest innovations and improvements since many of the automated and robotic manufacturing machines are very costly. Small to medium manufacturing plants do not have the money to pay for the most recent advancement in automatic equipment and systems.

Metals manufacturing, Plastics manufacturing and Chip manufacturing have all been impacted by the unprecedented demand for their products in an expanding economy.

Leasing or financing

Leasing is an exceptional opportunity for small and medium manufacturing companies to get the manufacturing equipment and systems they need to stay competitive in today’s market.

Leasing from Equipment Leases is the best way to go when leasing equipment for manufacturing. Our lease is one of the greatestdeals out there. It requires a modest down payment, monthly payments that fit yourfinancial plan, and what we call buck out. Buck out is when the terms of your lease are up; the equipment is yours to own for $1.00. Our lease is an easy way to get the equipment and robotics you need to bring your manufacturing into the 21st century.

This option saves you money from taking out loans for equipment; it is an expense, so it will not affect your credit rating negatively. Having automated manufacturing allows you to lower your payroll while boosting your productivity and efficiency.

Manufacturing equipment for lease

What types of manufacturing equipment do we lease?

Here are several samples of the equipment and systems we lease for manufacturing:

We have not listed many others here; if you have questions, contact us today to learn more about equipment and lease terms. Remember, Equipment Leases is the only one that has Buck Out Leasing.

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

Manufacturing Equipment Lease $4,250,000

We successfully financed a Weingarten Forge Press that was a 1979 model chassis.  The press was mothballed in the late ’80s and sat idle for at least 30 years.  We funded the initial purchase totaling $750,000.  We then funded the refurbishment and upgrade of the press to current standards for an additional 3.5 million.  All new robotics, furnace equipment, hammers, safety gear, shipping, installation, and training came to an additional 1.750 million.  All in the refurbished press was 6.0 MM.  A new Weingarten Press from Germany is over 20 Million that met our client’s specifications and production requirements, and it would take two years to wait time to acquire.  Both presses would work 24 hours a day, six days a week, and throw off 40 MM in revenue.  We provided financing on a used project that saved the client several million dollars.  We love a challenge and will work hard to fund projects Banks won’t touch.