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Transportation Equipment Finance

Transportation of goods keeps the country running. Without it, there would be no goods in the store aisles, no gas for vehicles, oil for heat, no milk to make cheese, sour cream, ice cream, or any other the numerous dairy products used every day.

Equipment Leases works with the transportation industry from a fleet of trucks to an owner with just one truck. Financing the trucks and trailers you need is our specialty. If you have heard no due to the age of the tuck you want to finance, talk to us, we say yes.

Types of transportation equipment

There are five main types of transportation equipment; they include:

  • Truck Trailer is totally enclosed and protects goods from weather
  • Refrigerator keeps cold and frozen foods from spoiling on the way to the store
  • A flatbed is a flat trailer with no roof or sides; they haul pipes, lumber, and more
  • Tail-lift or lift-gate trucks make loading and unloading easier and quicker, commonly seen making local deliveries of bread, beverages, and more
  • Semi-trailer or 18 wheeler hauls large loads of many goods like furniture, electronics, and more

What we finance

Besides the five listed above, we finance the following:

There are many others we finance as well.

We have no hassle applications, quick funding, and experienced underwriters to help you get on the road fast with the type of transportation equipment you need. Contact us today and let us help you plan to replace old worn-out equipment with newer, more modern trucks and trailers.

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

Transportation Equipment Lease

Vendor Finance is always your best option for new Power Units or Tractors.  Every lender, captive or not, has exposure limits.  We have provided millions of dollars in funding for OTR Tractors, Refuse Trucks, Logging Trucks, Cement Trucks, Cement Mixers, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks, Dump Trucks, and Vacuum Trucks, all of which have a 60 month residual of at least 20%.  We use this reality to leverage a smaller payment or provide additional security to ensure approval.  We can fund with a Capital Lease, Operating Lease, or TRAC Lease.  If your current Vendor finance option is full upon capacity, we would love to step in and leverage the lowest payment possible so you can flow your jobs on day one!!