Transportation Equipment Leases for Trucks, Trailers and More

Why Lease Transportation Equipment?

Transportation is a vast industry and can include the movement of consumer goods, commercial products, and people movers. As a nation, we are by definition very mobile and relish our freedom to move about freely without restriction. As a top leasing company, we have financed every kind of transportation equipment from boats to buses, trains to planes, subways to tramways, trucks and trailers, cargo ships and containers, and everything in-between. Without the smooth movement of products and goods from manufacturer to consumer, there would be no goods in the store aisles, no gas for vehicles, oil for heat, no milk to make cheese, sour cream, ice cream, or any other the numerous dairy products used every day.

Equipment Leases Inc loves the transportation industry as it is the heart and soul of the economy and is constantly changing. Our specialties are air, rail, maritime, pipeline, and road transportation. We have collectively funded millions of dollars in equipment acquisition. Working with business owners and CEOs nationwide to expand their fleets, add specialty transport solutions and provide the capital to finance and acquire all of the needed equipment to grow.

What Transportation Equipment We Finance

This category is so broad that we will include only a small sampling of the equipment we can finance across multiple industries. For example, we have experience financing Trucks, Trailers, Boats, Tug Boats, Ferry’s, Dredgers, Aircraft, Buses, Aerial Tramways, Trains. In each of these broad categories, we finance all supporting equipment such as switches, power generation, connectors, maintenance equipment, lighting, and any accessory needed to support and maintain the transportation equipment in top working order.

Transportation Equipment

We have no hassle applications, quick funding, and experienced underwriters to help you get on the road fast with the type of transportation equipment you need. So contact us today and let us help you plan to replace old worn-out equipment with newer, more modern trucks and trailers.

Why Choose Equipment Leases Inc for Your Transportation Equipment Financing?

For the past nine years, Equipment leases Inc. has been financing the equipment needs of the transportation industry with flexible, customized, low-rate lease financing for all of their new or used equipment. These leases have been structured with terms as long as 84 months and lease funding from $50,000 to projects over $30,000,000. Our international footprint is expanding as we have been asked to provide millions in lease capital for some infrastructure financing in several countries. These forward-thinking governments have aggressive growth aspirations on the international stage.

Along with our lending partners, we are thrilled to provide world-class service and lease financing to suit the small, medium, national, international, and now country markets. We have a broad range of financing options that have played critical roles in landing numerous large and super large projects.

Build Your Business with Transportation Equipment Leasing

Most financial advisors, accountants, CPAs, and auditors recommend that any business, whether large or small, needs to preserve cash. With sufficient operating capital in liquid accounts, the company can move through inherent challenges without disrupting the operation. So what happens when a critical piece of equipment needs to be replaced? Most savvy owners and CEOs explore lease financing. However, the wise senior staff and CFO understand that a significant expense would deplete all the cash reserves and cripple the company. This is where Equipment Leases Inc comes in to provide an alternative financing option. Our lease proposals typically include 100% financing, custom terms to meet cash flow needs, competitive rates, tax advantages. We also can provide flexible repayment if a seasonal business, fast funding, and in a few cases, lease lines of credit available for future needs.

A good rule related to cash management is to use cash reserves and liquid accounts to grow the business and create new opportunities. Then, use strategic financing and leasing to service the new arrangements and increase production capability, fleet capacity, delivery schedules, and any transportation-related addition to the operation.

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

Transportation Equipment Lease

Vendor Finance is always your best option for new Power Units or Tractors.  Every lender, captive or not, has exposure limits.  We have provided millions of dollars in funding for OTR Tractors, Refuse Trucks, Logging Trucks, Cement Trucks, Cement Mixers, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks, Dump Trucks, and Vacuum Trucks, all of which have a 60 month residual of at least 20%.  We use this reality to leverage a smaller payment or provide additional security to ensure approval.  We can fund with a Capital Lease, Operating Lease, or TRAC Lease.  If your current Vendor finance option is full upon capacity, we would love to step in and leverage the lowest payment possible so you can flow your jobs on day one!!