Office and Tenant Improvement Leasing and Business loans

Funding Success - $2,200,000

A complete software upgrade for a busy urban hospital. They had put the project off too long and faced some extraordinary deadlines. We funded them with $2,200,000 and did our part to help save lives with the latest record-coordinating software.

Office & Tenant Improvement

Let’s face it, office equipment is expensive, and if the thought of spending large sums of your business equity fills you with dread, don’t worry. There is another option. That option is leasing your equipment from Equipment Leases.

Equipment Leases is a name you can trust in office equipment leasing. We work with you to plan a lease agreement that fits your needs and your budget. It doesn’t matter if you need terminals, photocopiers, printers, servers, or other equipment; you can get a lease with promising terms and extraordinary advantages by signing up with us. We will work with you to get the most out of the lease.


The difference between purchasing and leasing equipment

You might think that buying office equipment is the way it is done, but there is the option to lease also.

The difference is that when you own the equipment outright, when you need new updated, innovative equipment, you have to sell the equipment you own, which is not profitable. If you finance office equipment, those payments may be flexible, but they are exorbitant. Not to mention that business needs change rapidly.

When leasing, however, you do not need to sell off old equipment when you are ready to upgrade or even expand. Leasing also frees up capital for other items you may need for tenant improvements or different day-to-day needs. Leasing is also an expense and, therefore, can be deducted from your tax liability


What office equipment do we lease?

We lease pretty much all and any office equipment you will need. Some of those include:

There is so much office equipment we lease if you have questions contact us. Remember Equipment Leases is an expert in office equipment leasing. We make it easy and straightforward for you to apply, and we know the tax code regarding leasing and expenses to show you to get the most out of your tax liability. Contact us today.

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Success

Often referred to as FF&E – nothing is more critical to a business than a chair for a customer or client to sit on, a desk to work from, or a cafeteria so your employees can enjoy lunch at work.  Most FF&E items do not have serial numbers and are very difficult to track from a collateral perspective.  Most Banks shy away from this type of asset because there is no future value or residual.  Office furniture is devalued at 40% on Bank valuation tables on day 1!  At 60 months, they have the value at 5% of the cost, but the everyday economic useful life of office FF&E is 12 years!  It doesn’t make sense that a lender would not provide attractive terms on 12-year life equipment. 

We are willing to finance FF&E between 3 and 5 years.  As long as there is adequate free cash flow, we are eager to fund these assets because they are considered as “essential use.”