Projects Funded

Projects Funded – At Equipment Leases Inc., we fully understand that there are no two people just alike, no two companies just alike, and there certainly are no two funding requests the same. We look at each project from the perspective of “How to get it done” and do not consider only whether they meet our strict underwriting guidelines like other lenders. As a direct lender, we look at each project and weigh heavily the integrity of their management on our investment into their future. We have hundreds of success stories. Perhaps yours is our next one. REQUEST FUNDING.


Manufacture of Aircraft Interiors

A manufacturer of aircraft interiors developed a new and cutting-edge technology to increase production capacity. We funded the equipment necessary to double their topline revenues.

General Contractor

A contractor came to us with a real problem. First was a growing business, and second was a balance sheet that created limits. We were able to fund $5,200,000 for the purchase of additional Caterpillar equipment, with each piece adding $25,000 in net profits monthly.

Medical Equipment Manufacturer

This medical manufacturing company needed $45,000,000 to upgrade several production lines. Timing and speed became a critical component of the transaction. We customized a 5-year lease for them that met with everyone’s approval. The client was thrilled as we stepped up for the needed amount when all others would only commit to a small portion.

Urban Hospital Software Upgrade

A complete software upgrade for a busy urban hospital. They had put the project off too long and faced some extraordinary deadlines. We funded them with $2,200,000 and did our part to help save lives with the latest record-coordinating software.

EV Charging Stations

We love the renewable energy industry, even with its ups and downs. We were able to provide $800,000 for the installation of EV charging stations. We coordinated all permitting waivers and turned a complex project into a winner.