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Construction Equipment Financing, Loans, Leasing and Sales Leaseback Funding

Construction Equipment Financing -Whether your construction company was founded 100-years ago by a great grandfather or you are a new contractor with a great reputation the equipment that you will need is expensive, works hard and eventually needs to be replaced. At equipment Leases Inc. we love to work with America’s builders and tailor a program that perfectly aligns with seasonal needs or ventures into new building projects that will stretch your resources, our people are EXPERTS. We help general Contractors, Sub-Contractors, as well as developers, find a balance between having the equipment you need and keeping enough working capital on hand to grow the business and expand. Let’s face it: Construction equipment is expensive. Paying for it with cash, drains working capital away from your business and in most situations is not the wisest course to follow. Taking out a loan to buy it puts your company’s credit standing at risk and usually entails expensive monthly payments and lots of extra fees. A great alternative is to lease construction equipment instead, and Equipment Leases is the equipment finance company to trust to give you straight answers for a no surprise delivery of your new or used piece of machinery. We also have Mining & Fracking Equipment leasing and to keep your office techs happy IT equipment leasing

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At Equipment Leases Inc. all we do is supply business owners like you with flexible, affordable equipment leases. We love the builder market and the contractors that work hard every day. We have a significant portfolio currently of construction equipment and transportation equipment leasing for all of your rolling stock. We invite you to allow us to help you get the construction equipment leasing you need to grow your company and conserve capital. Our team truly understands the construction business and is dedicated to providing first-rate financing solutions and advice. We know that your top goal is to protect your bottom line, and we’re right there with you.

High-Quality Construction Equipment Financing

One of the top advantages of leasing construction equipment is that it allows you to keep the best technologies on hand. You never get stuck with old, outdated equipment. No matter what kind of equipment you need for your construction business, we can help. We provide leases for all of the following types of equipment and more:
Imagine how much cash you could free up by leasing instead of buying. Plenty of other construction companies are already enjoying the perks of leasing their equipment, and there’s no reason you can’t join them.

What are the Benefits of Leasing Construction Equipment?

The most obvious advantage of leasing construction equipment is that it allows you to free up extra cash that would otherwise be sunk into down payments and other expenses. Leasing is also smart because it doesn’t impact your business’s credit standing; it’s considered a business expense instead. The experts at Equipment Leases can design a lease for you that are built around your budget and needs. With a large current portfolio and more than $200 million to place on quality projects like yours, we are the experts on construction equipment leases that can say YES to you.

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

Construction Equipment Lease $6,000,000

Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Terex, CNH Industrial, Cummins, and Liebherr are significant players in the construction equipment industry.  We have financed every name brand on terms as short as 24 months and as long as 84 months.  Not every customer can afford to purchase new equipment.  The used equipment industry is robust.  We finance used equipment where money center Banks WILL NOT DO IT!!!!!  We do not have hours or condition restrictions with our leases.  You can use your equipment when, where and how you want.  We provide the funding you make money!  We welcome the opportunity to provide financing on new units, but where we shine and do a great job is funding your used purchases.  Our last used finance option was $6 MM worth of used Terex equipment.  We provided a 60 monthly Operating lease, and the customer leveraged a lower payment because of solid future values and long economic useful life values.