About Us

Equipment Leases Inc. has served the equipment leasing and business loan markets since 2013. As a direct lender our primary focus has been on serving the SMB market, with a surprising increase in Fortune 500 and multinational firms leasing some or all of their CAPEX equipment. Our equipment leasing services are available in several markets, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, China, Japan, and a few other smaller countries where we have clients.

Our expertise in the capital markets goes beyond access to significant financial resources to invest in various projects. We pride ourselves in knowing our clients and their businesses well enough to understand their financial needs and sincerely desire to help them manage cash flow, obtain the equipment necessary to grow or increase production and make the equipment lease financing process as simple as possible. We suggest that the CFO or controller of any mid-level company concentrate on growth and leave the equipment funding and production line upgrades to competitive equipment leases structured around their specific needs.

With over $500 Million available to fund new projects, we are well-positioned to serve the daily requests for new capital through our online assets and marketing efforts. Additionally, with numerous funding options, we can help any business with equipment leasing or purchase needs, even if the client has a challenging credit situation.

About Us

Equipment Leases Inc. has one of the absolute best document departments on the planet, capable of managing complex transactions with multiple vendors, ensuring that capital disbursement is flawless. Our decisions are not based solely on the equipment needed, used versus new, portable versus installed, past credit history, etc. Our approval process considers many factors that can’t be quantified on a balance sheet or financial statement. Our working knowledge of the markets, faith in our clients, and sound financial footing create the basis for a long-term working relationship. However, we are not a high-profile, approved-in-an-hour-for-any-dollar, expensive-money leasing company. Our services are primarily for the CFO, CEO, or Board member of companies with viable operations, a history of successful management, and a need for specialized equipment. Give us a chance to look at your project, and you may be surprised at our aggressive rates and willingness to fund 100% of the equipment costs, including the soft costs like training, transport, software, etc.

About Us

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