LED Lighting Equipment Leases and Business Loans

Exclusive Funding for LED Lighting

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LED Lighting Equipment Leasing and Business Financing

Is it time for you to upgrade your lighting? Before you spend your capital that was labeled for building your business, speak to Equipment Leases Inc. Providing LED Lighting Equipment Leasing for any project we are a name you can trust for all your LED lighting financing.

We can fund any project over $100,000. Some of our clients include:

  • Hospitals
  • Class A office buildings
  • Warehouses large and small

Leasing LED lighting is a great way to keep your capital free for growing your business, it also protects your credit rating, and we can design it to fit your needs.

The benefits of leasing LED Lighting systems.

There are several benefits to leasing LED lighting systems instead of spending all your capital on infrastructure. Some of these benefits include:

  • Savings of capital for day to day operations and other things
  • Reduced cost of overhead
  • Lowers consumption levels saving money on the electric bill
  • Low monthly payments

These are just some of the benefits of leasing LED lighting systems.

Types of LED equipment we can lease

We lease just about any LED equipment that you could need. That includes things like:

  • Parking structures where good lighting is needed for security and safety
  • Hospital surgical wards and patient facilities
  • Businesses buildings that need to have adequate lighting and save money
  • Warehouses with high bay lights
  • Restaurants such as fast food and dine in cafes or larger
  • Municipal buildings
  • Courthouses, annexes, and other associated facilities
  • Any business still using traditional lighting is who we are looking at as potential clients, and we would love to help you meet your needs.
If you would like to lease high-quality, long-lasting, and up-to-date LED equipment, then Equipment Leases would love to help you; contact us today.

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

LED Lighting & Installation Equipment Lease $4,800,000

The world’s largest food and beverage bottle manufacturer came to us for a financing solution that Money Center Banks in the United States could not or would not fund.  Our Lessee’s Parent Company is in Ireland, and the North American operations did not have a consolidating financial statement independent of the Parent.  Banks in the United States could not accurately identify the cash flow position of the U.S. subsidiaries that needed the equipment lease.  There was concern about cash flows which caused challenges that underwriters would not mitigate. As a result, several lenders declined the transaction.  We stepped up and approved a 60-month Capital Lease structure on $4,800,000 worth of LED lighting for operations in the Pacific North West and the upper Midwest.  The mfg. facilities could drop their electric utility bill by 50%, matching the payment on the Leased Equipment, including the installation costs.