Retail Equipment Leases and Business loans

Retail Equipment Loans and Leasing

If you own a retail store, you already know how expensive retail equipment is. For those just planning a retail business, you are learning how expensive that equipment is to own.

There is an alternative that has more than one benefit. Leasing retail equipment is that alternative.


Benefits of leasing retail equipment

There are a few benefits to leasing retail equipment. Some of those benefits include:

  • Frees up cash for other areas of the business
  • A tailored lease plan can fit into your budget with lower monthly payments
  • You can claim or deduct up to $500,000 worth of the equipment that it leases on your taxes
  • Able to add newer innovative equipment to your store without breaking your business
  • Frees up cash for expansion

Imagine the tax break of subtracting your equipment leases. This cash is free to buy other items or grow your business. It also gives lower monthly payments than a loan can for your company.

Equipment leases is a name you can trust. Leasing retail equipment and other types of equipment is our business. We know how to help you get the equipment you need. We can create a plan that fits your budget

Types of retail equipment we lease

What types of retail equipment do we lease? There are many types, here are just a few of the varieties we lease

That’s right, if you own a salon, we lease items like hairdryer chairs, tanning beds, and mirrors. Coffee shops, we rent Espresso machines, cash registers, shelves for baked goods, refrigerators for cold beverages. The possibilities are endless.

Equipment Leases should be your first call. We can lease pretty much any retail equipment you need to run your business. Contact us today to learn more.


Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

Retail Clothing Equipment Lease $10,000,000

An American Textile Company on the New York Stock Exchange with over 7,000 employees had trouble funding “in-Store” display items for the clothing they make. Retail of any type is on the Watch-list or DO NOT APPROVE list for most Banks in the United States. Banks are security-based lenders and look to the appraisal of the equipment as a source of repayment. It is reasonable to argue that retail store display items do not have future value or a lingering value. Our unique underwriting model does not consider the judgement or future value of assets. Instead, we look at historical debt service cash flow and its cash flow with their new payment. If the ratio is acceptable, the question about guarantee becomes, “Is this essential use equipment?” If the answer is yes, we fund. We funded two schedules of 5 million each for our customers. They had store displays in over 50 locations throughout the east coast within the next 90-days.