Poor Credit Equipment Leasing and Business Loans

Poor Credit Equipment Leasing - Bad Credit Deals OK

At Equipment Leases Inc., we understand that life comes at you fast, and there are no two business scenarios that are precisely the same. Throw in a pandemic where the world seemed to stop, and 1,000’s of companies closed their doors for good, and, understandably, a credit score will be impacted negatively.

If you have B, C, or possibly even D credit, we don’t much care. If the equipment that you are buying meets our guidelines, we should talk. We have resources that care more about the collateral than they do about your balance sheet. Yes, there are some restrictions, and no, you won’t be paying 3%, but for many, this is the chance they need to begin re-establishing themselves and getting the equipment they desperately need to grow and become profitable.

Poor Credit Equipment
Poor Credit Equipment

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