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Funding Success - $45,000,000

This medical manufacturing company needed $45,000,000 to upgrade several production lines. Timing and speed became a critical component of the transaction. We customized a 5-year lease for them that met with everyone’s approval. The client was thrilled as we stepped up for the needed amount when all others would only commit to a small portion.

Medical, Laboratory & Healthcare Equipment Funding

Medical Equipment Leasing -You may be an established medical or dental office or veterinarian opening an animal hospital, or you may be just opening your first office; either way, you need equipment for that office. Equipment Leases Inc. can help you furnish your office with the latest equipment.

Most patients today want to see the latest in medical equipment when they visit their doctor, but paying cash for all the latest will leave you no money for other things you need like paper, file folders, furniture, etc.

Leasing equipment like x-ray machines, microscopes, exam chairs or tables, dental chairs, cardiology equipment, ultrasound equipment, and much more can provide you a way to keep your money accessible. The money you will need for other items while furnishing your office with the most recent advancements in the industry.

Medical Equipments

Why Lease Laboratory Equipment or Other Healthcare Equipment?

Why lease medical equipment? The price of staying current with the latest innovations in the field of diagnostic can be very costly. Leasing gives you more flexibility with your budget. Leasing is highly cost-effective in that it keeps your capital free for expansion or other day-to-day needs the office may have; we tailor the lease to fit your needs and budget, and it is an expense so that it won’t affect your credit rating.

Equipment Leases is one of the top medical, dental, healthcare equipment lessors in the industry. We can work with you to make the down payment and monthly payments fit the budget you have to work with, we stay informed of all the innovations and upgrades in the industry, and we work with those who may not have perfect credit.

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Types of Healthcare Equipment We Lease

We lease a long list of medical equipment for medical, dental, healthcare, and veterinarians. If you do not see a piece of equipment you want listed here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as there are just too many to list.

Some of the most popular pieces that we lease are:

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

Medical Equipment Loan

The largest Hospital bed manufacturer in American came to us with an order for one of their customers in Virginia.  A large flagship medical facility, one of many in their group.  They had particular financial terms that required a lease rate factor below 3% and a period of 60 months to make the payment fit.  We approved a 60-month Operating lease that provided a financial presentation that helped the Hospital with their internal Banking covenants, provided the rate they needed, and paid the vendor directly.