Freight Invoice Factoring - Drop Off A Load and Get Paid Now

Invoice Factoring to Get You Paid Immediately On Every Load

The term “Cash Flow is King” certainly applies in the trucking industry. Every time you drop off a load, you risk the potential  that the client may not pay the invoice right away, which will put you upside down on your bills. So why not let our team of specialists take care of the invoice and make sure you are paid on it right now? As with any growing business, securing funding to cover your overhead, payroll, and materials can be challenging. The trucking industry is no different. However, when traditional loans and reliable financing are hard to come by, there is another option that we are happy to offer. Our network has years of experience offering freight invoice factoring services to trucking companies both large and small throughout the United States to help improve their cash flow and profits.

Our invoice factoring services  are available to all transportation companies and independent truckers to help you complete in a competitive market where the price of gas can impact operations across the board. We provide your business with immediate cash flow; even if you don’t have the best credit, that is OK; we can still offer big business solutions until you are one. It’s simple:  You submit a copy of your freight bill and, once we can verify it, we will send you your money.

Freight Invoice Factoring
Freight Invoice Factoring

What You Can Expect With Invoice Factoring

Fast and efficient setup

Our average setup time is less than one week. However, that is just one of the things we do to save your business time and money. We will manage all of your invoice processing—including postage and collecting. For our valued customers, we even offer fuel advances to keep your trucks on the road.

Transparent fees and terms

Unlike other invoice factoring providers, we don’t have excessive, high or hidden fees. These could include termination fees, application fees, or direct deposit fees—we pride ourselves on being transparent with all of our valued customers. Our team will work with you to make sure you understand all the terms and conditions to make the best decision possible for your trucking operation.

Premium customer service and reputation

Our team has been serving the  trucking industry for many years and pleased to have a reputation second to none. As an experienced and professional lender, our team works tirelessly to ensure your business receives the capital it needs right away to keep moving. From the application to the approval to receiving cash in hand, we make the process seamless for our customers. At the same time, we have representatives who are always ready to answer your questions, clarify terms, and overcome any roadblocks.

Flexible contracts

Unlike other financing companies, we offer flexible contracts so that you don’t feel trapped or stuck. We believe long-term contracts are a thing of the past. Additionally, we provide fuel cards and work with trucking memberships to bring you discounts on tires, hotels, and maintenance.

Freight Invoice Factoring

Get your trucking company on the road to growth

It’s effortless to use our freight invoice factoring service. All you have to do is deliver your load as you usually would, submit your freight bill to our processing department, and then get paid the advance! It’s easy to see why so many trucking companies use invoice factoring to raise capital.

If you’re ready to take the next step to grow your trucking business, we highly encourage you to get a free quote on our website. Our representatives will be in touch with you shortly to further discuss the process. Don’t wait to secure financing for your trucking business—go with a trustworthy, reliable, and experienced partner!