Financing I.T. Equipment: Leasing & Funding Options for Equipment Leases

IT Equipment Leasing

In today’s business world, most businesses have IT equipment of some sort. It may be old and need upgrading, or it may need to be expanded on; but, chances are you use some form of IT equipment in the day-to-day work of your business.

IT equipment can get expensive. How can you upgrade, expand, or start your IT equipment? Equipment Leases has all the IT equipment you will need for lease. Leasing is a cheaper alternative to buying and can help you save your business cash flow for other things. 

IT Equipment
It Equipment

Benefits of Leasing I.T. Equipment

There are several benefits to leasing IT equipment from a reputable company like Equipment Leases. Some of those benefits include:

Types of I.T. and Tech Equipment Leasing We Provide

There are two main groups of IT equipment; hardware and software. Let’s take a look at each and talk about its uses.


Hardware covers things like mainframes, servers, computers, routers, networks, switches, printers, scanners, copiers, data servers, workstations, point-of-sale machines, as well as cables, monitors, and more.

Each of these items works together to create a way for workstations to perform specific tasks by accessing the mainframe or database; for example, the database has HR information for pay, vacation, schedule, and even benefits the employee has.


The software usually requires a license; and covers things like the operating system windows, payroll, bookkeeping, etc. This software may only be on certain workstation computers, while other types of software pertinent to the business products will be on many workstations.

This type of IT equipment is as hard to stay current with as is the hardware. There are always new innovations in hardware and software. Each may require a license which in many cases can eat up your cash flow depending on the number of computers you want to put it on.

That is why leasing IT equipment from a reputable business like Equipment Leases is an excellent option for many companies.

We Provide Funding for IT Equipment for a Variety of Tech-Based and SaaS Companies:

Equipment leases offer the following types of equipment for lease for your business IT equipment needs:

SaaS companies we are able to provide IT equipment Lease for represent a broad base of industries including banking, manufacturing, cloud-based providers, retail, governments, software companies and any organization that needs to constantly stay ahead of the tech innovation taking place.

You can trust Equipment leases to stay current on IT equipment and software with high-quality IT equipment. Contact us today and discuss your needs with us to get a quote. We can help almost any business at reasonable leasing rates that fit into most budgets.

Why Choose Equipment Lease for Your I.T. Equipment Leasing?

Equipment Leases Inc. rapidly becomes any Chief technology Officer’s best resource to keep ahead of the constantly changing technology. Whether you are the CTO or an I.T. consultant, your recommendations are critical to any organization staying ahead of the competition and ensuring a reliable backbone to the company’s technical offerings. Data management is often referred to as “big data” because of the massive amount of information to be processed at the latest high capacity and processing systems.

It’s one thing to recommend a significant upgrade in systems; if the company’s budget does not allow for the expansion, we become the best option for funding I.T. equipment and expanding a technical footprint. We can fund small projects under $25,000 up to large national projects up to $50,000,000

Equipment Leasing Success

Case Study

IT Equipment Lease $5,000,000

We funded 5-million worth of technology assets that individually did not value over 50 dollars as individual pieces. They also did not have serial numbers and would be deployed in hundreds of different locations. The client could not find a lender willing to document and fund this transaction. Banks told them that they did not pass the “valuation” process. When equipment is considered “essential use,” we can find a way to make it work. The client met our modest requirements of a debt service coverage ratio of better than 1.20:1. We felt comfortable that they would make their payment and we approved and funded the transaction. We are willing to take a position and support a project when we feel comfortable there is free cash flow to cover our payment.