Thank You

Thank you for requesting a quote on your project; you should be hearing from someone within the hour. In the meantime, let us give you a quick look into the reality of Equipment leasing and Finance underwriting.

We have funded hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment, from large generators to small packaging systems. We found a consistent similarity between them: the companies that are prepared with all of their documents and make a great first impression get funded fast, and those that don’t take a little longer.

So, to make sure we can approve your project quickly and get you the funds needed to buy new or used equipment, allow us to give you some guidelines to get ready

Materials needed for projects between $50,000 and $250,000:

  1. We will send a link to our online application to complete and get to know you better and your history in business.
  2. 3 months of your most recent bank statements.
  3. FICO score above 650 with no judgments, bankruptcies, or liens
  4. Vendor invoices for the machinery or equipment you need for the business.

Documentation needed for larger projects, up to $50-million:

  1. Have your current “interim” statements completed so our lenders can see no recent surprises or changes in your business operations.
  2. Have your year-end statements completed and accurately presented so an analysis of your operations shows you have a business in control.
  3. Provide a one-year forecast so a lender can see a bright future from the eyes of an insider
  4. Have prior year Tax documents completed (if you filed an extension, provide the copy)
  5. Make sure that internal year-end statements “Foot” with your Fed Tax Documents
  6. Have a completed Personal Financial Statement not older than 90 days
  7. Gather your vendor invoices showing the equipment details that you are buying from reputable vendors that will stand behind their product
  8. A summary of why the equipment is needed and what it will do for the company to grow, enter new markets, expand territories or improve the bottom line
  9. Only some companies have perfect financials; if areas in your accounting need a footnote or additional clarification, provide it. It will go a long way in helping a credit team see how your management team mitigates problems that invariably arise in business.
  10. You have spent much of your life building this business. Be PROUD OF IT, and that is why we’re interested in investing in you and your company.

We look forward to talking with you soon about your funding needs and getting you the capital as quickly as possible.

Equipment Leases Inc.