Tank, 350 Gallon, S/st, Agit, FT/CB, CIP


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San Dimas, CA


Stainless steel 350 gallon agitated tank, measures 49″ diameter x 43″ straight side, flat top with slight cone bottom, 2-1/2″ center bottom outlet with split pipe discharge and automatic 3-way valve. Includes top entering anchor type agitator, driven by 1.1 kw 230-volt, 1420 RPM motor thru gearbox with 30:1 ratio, final output 48 RPM. Top includes (3) internal CIP spray balls, 41″ x 23″ manway, (3) top ports (1) 4″, (1) 2-1/2″ & (1) 1″. Mounted on (4) stainless steel legs. Previously used as pre-coat mix tank for DE filter.

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