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Roaster, Drum, Rotary, 42" x 60", AC Horn, Mdl 6500M


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Chowchilla, CA


AC Horn / Cantrell 333 rotary batch drum roaster, drum measures 42″ diameter x 60″ long, stainless steel drum, with mild stel internal lifters. Drum rotates around automatic pilot ignition burner manifold. Set up as gas-fired with Eclipse Combustion Bi-Flame Burner Monitoring System, Model 6500M and Maxon PL1000 Premix blower package with burner. Rated for up to 1,800 lbs/hr. Drum is driven by approximately 3 HP drive mounted under frame. Includes Cantrell controller with touchscreen controls. Cantrell Model 333, Serial number SN46226A.

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