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Filler, Bottle, Rotary, 120-Valve, Mitsubishi, Aseptic #C743900


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Mt Shasta, CA






Unused Mitsubishi model FGR120L36-AS 120-valve dry Aseptic PET bottle filler with 36-head rotary capper, all stainless steel enclosure, sealed cabinet with rotary neck-held feed wheels for bottles to 120-valve rotary filler. Includes rotary discharge wheel to transfer from neck held to belt conveyor. Capper is fed by Closure Systems, Inc. (CSI) cap handling and Mitsubishi cap sterilization system with Amano VNA-15 dust collector. Bottling line is complete with product water feed system including pumps, valves, flow meters, filters, piping, etc. and drain system. Offered with stainless steel operator’s station with dual monitor main control panel and external HMI controller. Set up to run PET bottles of sparkling water & still water and glass bottles of iced tea. New in 2015. Installed and never put into production. Like new condition. Rated for approximately 900 bottles per minute.

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