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Filler, Bottle, 8-Head, Fogg, Rotary, Capper #C744156


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Brisbane, CA


Cherry Burrell / Fogg


8-Head Rotary Bottle Filler with Capper, all stainless steel contacts. Each filling nozzle measures approximately 1″ diameter. Filling area leads to (3) station press-on capping section with Rotary Cap Feeder. Includes 4″ diameter Bottle Conveyor (less belting). Complete with start/stop controls. Unit is designed for 38MM Tamper-Proof caps. Mounted on stainless steel frame. Currently set up for 1 gallon bottles. Includes full set up change parts for 1/2 gallon and miscellaneous parts for pint and quart. Previously filling & capping apple juice. 230 volt for filler. 110 volt for capper. Filler was originally manufactured by Cherry Burrell and has Fogg Filler parts.

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