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Dryer, Paddle, S/st, 30″ x 48″, Plows, 125 HP


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San Dimas, CA


Stainless steel jacketed paddle dryer, measures 30″ diameter X 48″ long, heavy duty construction with internal Plow Mixers. Plows measure 19″ wide X 1-1/4″ thick, with end wiper blades. Vessel includes 19 1/2″ diameter top flanged opening with 1-1/4″ diameter feed. Vessel is completely insulated and includes heavy duty swinging J-clamped door. Mixing sections has 6″ diameter center bottom discharge with pneumatic flap gate valve and attached Chromalox flow meter. Paddles are driven by Fuji Electric Systems 90 KW motor through SEW reducer (rated for 125 HP), 1750 RPM in, 15.9979 to 1 ratio, 109.4 output RPM, 70,177 pounds-in torque. Previously used in cannabis industry.

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