Medical Equipment Leasing – What We Can and What We Can’t Finance!

As a direct lender of size and one of the top independent leasing firms in the country, our associates are in contact with doctors, administrators and CFO’s everyday discussing their equipment financing needs. Just like how doctors use EMR software development to build a better relationship with clients and keep checking up on them, just like that we too have a software which enables us to provide quick solutions as and when the necessity occurs. One of the most common responses we get from them during our discussion is “We had no idea” as our conversation turns to what services we provide and what kind of equipment and costs we are able to bundle into a convenient medical equipment lease.

So to put the record straight and provide some peace of mind to all of the doctors, dentists and hospital and healthcare administrators out there, here is a list of the things we can bundle into a nice convenient lease or provide a lease line of credit to acquire the necessary equipment over time. There are thousands of excellent manufactures and distributors in the US that we work with to get you the exact equipment you need. You choose the make and model and we write check, pay your bill from IRS now that businesses have the option to file income returns electronically, thanks to computer technology, software programs, and secure internet connections.

Medical and Healthcare Equipment We Can Lease:

Blood analysis equipment

Cardiology equipment


Ultrasound equipment

CT scanners and imaging equipment


ECG equipment

Electrosurgical Units

Microscopes and lab Equipment



Patient trolleys\

Kn95 Masks (see kn95 mask for sale)

Stainless Steel Furniture

Radiation protection equipment

Laser Systems

Hospital management software

Operating tables

Medical lights

Blood pressure monitoring

Sleep diagnostics

Electro cardiology equipment

Hospital beds and furniture

Dental Chairs

Dental office furniture

Dental instruments

Cerec dental crown machines

Dental milling machines

EMR systems

Computers and servers

Gynecology equipment

Neurosurgery equipment

Orthopedics equipment

X-ray machines

Ultrasound equipment

Neonatal units


Medical couches

Anesthesia equipment

Respiration equipment

Traction systems

Physiotherapy equipment

Holter systems

And More!!!

Medical and Healthcare Items We Can’t Lease


Nurses (find more information on why)



Parking lot

Your patients care!

Since this is just a partial list, you get the picture that we can structure a lease and provide millions in financing to the medical community and be extremely flexible along the way. One of the unique things about a medical equipment lease is we are able to finance 100% of the purchase price of the equipment. We can even roll into the lease some of the  installation, training, warranty or software costs that the hospital or medical practice may incur.

So you can see that there is a good reason why the leasing business is growing rapidly as more and more hospital CFO’s and private practice physicians recognize the benefits of leasing their medical equipment Leasing from the right firm.

Buyer Beware – like any industry, there are many leasing companies that talk a great talk but leave much to be desired in their execution and follow-thru. If a lease quote seems too good to be true, trust me it is. We spend way to much time working with the medical community after they have had a bad experience and now pressured time wise to get equipment ordered and properly funded as they had hoped with the low-ball offer.