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Equipment Leases Inc. New York Offices

We can work with several programs to help you get the equipment you need for your business.

Equipment Leases is New York’s number one equipment leasing and financing firm for
all kinds of equipment.

We are proud to serve the five boroughs, from Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten
Island, and Brooklyn. If you need equipment for your business, you can count on us for
leasing and financing.

The five boroughs host a wide variety of food and cultures. New York is home to Wall
Street, tech, biotech, media, entertainment, and many small businesses. The small
businesses bodegas, delis, department stores, restaurants that cater to other industries.

Equipment Leases can assist all those industries and small businesses. We are here to
help you hold onto your working capital, expand, and meet day-to-day financial needs.

New York
New York

Types of businesses we work with

There are many types of businesses we work with when it comes to leasing equipment. Some of those include:

Those are just a few of the businesses we work with to lease equipment. If you have questions on equipment leasing for your industry and do not see it on the list, don’t hesitate to contact us.

New York

Why leasing makes sense

Why lease equipment? It is an excellent financial decision for your business.

First, it is an expense and can be deducted from your tax liability; we know the tax code
for doing just that.

Second, it frees up your capital. Capital for expanding, day-to-day needs, and expenses
without over-extending your cash flow.

Third, you won’t have to sell old equipment to keep up with the innovations in

Fourth, we can work with you to lease the equipment you need while staying within your

What we do

We can work with several programs to help you get the equipment you need for your business.

Equipment leasing – from $250,000 to $50-million on anything from solar, wind, food processing or packaging, medical and dental, office, retail, construction, transportation, and more; we love these types of projects. And will be happy to look over your needs and budget to help you lease what you need.

Equipment sale-leaseback – This program is designed for a business that has 100% paid for equipment and wants to use it to get cash for their business now. We appraise the equipment and then write a check to the company for up to $50-million and lease the equipment back to that company, allowing them to have the cash needed and still have the equipment to use.

Asset-backed inventory loans – it can be expensive for companies to order products and pay for that product, then wait until it arrives and is sold through their system before they can get their money back. We set up an extensive line of credit up to $50m and then pay for the ordering of the equipment, then the client pays it back as the equipment is sold to their clients.

Poor credit leasing – for the company that has been credit challenged yet still needs equipment. We have some collateral-based programs, so decisions are made more on the quality of the equipment rather than their creditworthiness.

Chapter 11 – a company that has filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy and given approval by their trustee is a good business for us to finance and loan.

Freight invoice factoring – specifically for truckers to drop off a load, submit the invoice to us, and we will wire money immediately into their account, so they don’t have to wait 2 or 3 weeks or longer to get paid.

Brokers – we work with independent brokers that bring their projects to us to look at and fund.

Those are just some of the available programs to help business owners get the equipment they need to grow and expand their business.

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