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Equipment Leases Inc. Miami, Florida Office

With nearly a half million in population, Miami is the busiest city in southeastern Florida. Equipment Leases Inc. is proud to serve you with leasing and financing operations for the equipment your business or industry needs.

With nearly a half million residents, Miami has many business and industry opportunities. Some of those opportunities include:

  • Financial industry
  • Tourism with the cruise ships
  • Health related industries including biotech
  • Cultural and entertainment
  • Sports

Sport teams include the NHL Panthers, NFL Miami Dolphins, NBA the Miami Heat, and MLB the Marlins.

Miami, Florida

What we do

At Equipment leasing, we lease by application only from $25,000 to $250,000. All you need as a client is a signed 1-page application, a personal FICO score above 650, and then a few current bank statements, and we can get you funded.

We say yes. Yes to equipment leasing from $250,000 to $50-million on equipment for many types of businesses and industries.

Insurance Companies non-admitted assets – This program works by helping you stabilize and increase your surplus. It also helps improve your risk-based capital ratio. Doing so helps your agency ratings from AM Best, Fitch, or Moody’s.

Equipment sale-leaseback – Designed for those businesses who completely own their equipment. Yet, they want to use that asset for an infusion of cash for their business now. We evaluate the equipment. After the evaluation, we write a check to the business for up to $50-million. After that, the business can lease the equipment back from us. This allows them to have both the cash they need and have the equipment to use.

Asset-backed inventory loans can be costly for businesses to buy the product. Then wait until it arrives to sell it through their organization before they have a yield on their money. We set up a credit line up to $50m to pay for the orders of the equipment. Then the business pays us back as the product is sold to their customers.

Poor credit leasing – for those with less than stellar credit but still need equipment. Our collateral-based packages offer a way to purchase that equipment. The judgment is made on the quality of the equipment instead of the company’s credit score.

Chapter 11 – We have found that a business who has filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy, who has the consent of their trustee is a good business for us to invest in to provide them some much-needed capital.

Freight invoice factoring – This program is designed especially for truckers. Truckers drop off their load, and then send the bill to us. We send payment immediately to their account. This way it doesn’t take two, three weeks or more for them to get paid.

Brokers – we work with independent agents that bring their plans to us to look at and fund.

Miami, Florida

Types of equipment we lease

There are many types of equipment and businesses that we love to help with leasing equipment. Some of those include:

The benefits of leasing

There are advantages to leasing the equipment you need. Those advantages include the following:

Why lease with Equipment Leases

Equipment Leases is the name you can trust. Leasing your equipment provides you with a few benefits, including more working capital for expansion or funding day-to-day needs. Leasing is an expense and can be deducted from your tax liability, so it does not change your credit score. Leasing allows you to upgrade your equipment when the next innovation or upgrade comes out without having to sell your equipment first.

If you do not see your industry or business here, please do not hesitate to call us. We are always looking for new investments.

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