Oven, Belt, 48″ x 20′, S/st, Belt Grill


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Chowchilla, CA


Belt Grill, belt oven, single pass, previously running chicken, red meat, burgers, etc. in order to sear products continuously to start cooking process. Belt area measures 48″ wide x 20′ long, stainless steel frame, doors and rollers. Includes bottom roller with scraper for belt cleaning. Doors are center hinged for side access. Set up for upper and lower heaters with belt speed controls. Belt is driven by SEW gearhead drive unitized on frame. Last run on 3x460V, 60 Hz, 80 full load amp, 21A largest motor. Set up for thermal oil heating (less boiler). Utilizes a non-stick Teflon belt to prevent product sticking.

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