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Filler, Piston, 8-Head, S/st, Inline, 16 Ounces #S744549


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San Dimas, CA


Stainless steel 8-head semi-automatic inline piston filler. Set for approximately 16-ounce maximum fill per cylinder (3″ ID x 5.25″ Stroke). Featuring manual adjustable stroke length and manual adjustable height clearance: 8-1/2″ minimum to 10-1/2″ maximum. Includes 1/2″ diameter fill nozzles, pneumatically operated. Stainless steel feed hopper measures 61-1/2″ x 21-1/2″ x 8″ straight side, plus 25″ deep angled sides. Offered with 3-1/4″ wide x 10’6″ long pass thru belt conveyor, driven by 1 HP, 90 Volt, single phase, 60 Hz motor with DC speed controller, power input 115 volts. Previously used cosmetic operation. Includes spare parts: 8 pistons, 0.625″ inside diameter x 8.250″ stroke and 8 nozzles, 0.625″ diameter.

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