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Dryer, Vacuum, Sigma, 200 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, 125 HP,


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Brisbane, CA


Aaron Process vacuum dryer with cored shafts and jacketed trough, all stainless steel construction, 200 gallon capacity. All parts are insulated and sheathed with 304 S/st and polished to 150 – 180 grit finish. Mixing/drying chamber includes vacuum cover and is jacketed, rated for 200 PSI @ 450 deg. F / -20 deg. F., ASME code constructed. Mixing chamber measures 48″ x 40″ x 44″ deep and includes (2) 6″ diameter flanged discharges with ball valves. Blades are overlapping double nobben blades and driven by 125 HP motor thru heavy duty gearbox. Equipment was manufactured in 2000 and is in very good condition. Previously used in clean room type environment. Complete with control panel and unitized on heavy duty frame. Includes main control panel, power panel with starters and VFD’s, steam-to-water heat exchanger for heating of jacket and hydraulic pump/reservoir for opening vessel lid. Also includes top mounted, stainless steel Mikro Pulsaire dust collector, Model 10-2-FV TR, rated for 11

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