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Detector, Metal, 15.25" x 7.5", X-Ray, Thermo, EZX 420C #S744132


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San Dimas, CA


Thermo Scientific Lindberg


EZX 420C


Thermo Scientific Model EZX 420C Compact X-Ray, Machine aperture: 7.50″ high x 15.25″ wide. Package size parameters: 13.40″ width x 7.30″ height maximum. Maximum conveyor speed: 164 feet per minute, Scan rate: up to 2000 lines per second, X-ray power: 160 watts, 80 KV/2 maximum, Warm-up time: less than 30 minutes, A/D converter: 12-bit, 4,096 gray scale images, Typical sensitivity: 1-2 mm diameter for metal: greater than 2mm for other dense contaminants such as glass, stone, and some types of plastic. Other image processing functions: side and leading/trailing edge masking, Inspection trigger photo sensor through beam. Serial number 12329013. Manufactured in August 2012.

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