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Blow Molder, Sidel, Mdl SBO 24, 24-Cavity, ABC Compressor #C743899


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Mt Shasta, CA




SBO 24 Matrix


Unused Sidel model SBO 24 Matrix PET bottle blow molding system, Type TM 24-4, 24-cavity, with model TMC-5 PREDIS dry preform decontamination box, all stainless steel construction. Set up to feed Mitsubishi dry aseptic filling and capping system. Blow molding system includes conveyorized oven with preform holders, inline filters and power modules along preform path. Decontamination box includes H202-Solvay feed system, Delta Neu Electrojet 16 Sidel – DCP500 24V mist collection system and inline Donaldson UltraFilter filters. Complete blow molding system is offered with Sidel pre form feeder, tote dumper and conveying system from dumper to preform feeder/aligner. Also offered with CTA model IPC 602 Sidel R134a mold chiller, serial number IPCSD0602CA 0100. Rated for approximately 880 bottle/minute (2200 bottles/hr/cavity). Stainless steel operator’s station containing modern controls with (2) stand-up monitors. System was commissioned and tested on 1.25 liter bottles. Never put into production.

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