Lease Your LED Lighting – There are very few investments these days that actually make money for a business and because LED lighting conversions require NO CAPITAL OUTLAY and can often times makes money for a business, there seems to be a rush now for most main street businesses to convert to LED lighting for showrooms, office complexes, shopping centers, warehouses, instrument panels, operating rooms, surgical centers and certainly clubs and restaurants. The benefits for any business to lease their LED lighting whether they are for profit or non-profit operations the benefits are many. They include:

  • EFFICIENCY – LED lights are extremely energy efficient using up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting
  • LONGEVITY – LED lights have a significantly improved life span – up to 100,000 hours
  • DURABILITY – LED lights are far more rugged and durable
  • SOLAR FRIENDLY – LED Lights are ideal for solar powered applications because of the low energy requirements and high output
  • SAFETY – Because Led lights do not generate any heat they can be left on for hours without fear of an accident or issues that often occur with regular lights.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – Led lights are made from non-toxic material and not mercury making them very green and earth friendly
  • LOTS OF COLORS – LED lights come in 4 base colors but combinations of these colors can create combinations of 1000’s of colors.
  • GAME CHANGER – LED lights will eventually replace every incandescent bulb on the planet.
  • ROI – Electric energy savings completely pay for the cost of the upgrade and with the long life continue to do so for extended periods. 
If you are a business owner or facilities manager and looking at an opportunity to completely upgrade your lighting resources, is the site you should be looking at. The 10 reasons to convert to LED lighting are obvious and financially compelling. Now let’s turn this discussion on the reasons why any cost conscious manager will turn to leasing the entire lighting upgrade and save money along the way. Here are just a few of the reasons:
  • SMART MONEY – Free cash flow in any business traditionally should be use to grow top-line revenues not pay for the infrastructure needs of the business
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Buying a desk, phone system, cubicles or conference room table are expected costs of doing business. However these expenses do nothing to create revenues or impact anything but the debit side of the ledger. LED lights are an investment in the company’s future and the entire capital outlay is returned to the business in the form of energy savings.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – LED lights illuminate so brightly that every area of the office, hospital or warehouse are improved and resulting increase in productivity becomes a measurable metric in employee related costs.
  • FAST APPROVALS – With the reality that the installation becomes a relatively permanent improvement on the property we love LED lighting installations. Our approvals are based on the credit worthiness of the business and not historical operating profits so we can quickly and easily approve any business.
  • 100% FINANCING – We are able to cover not only the equipment but all of the soft costs as well involved in the installation.
  • FLEXIBLE TERMS – Most of our proposals for LED lighting come back with terms ranging from 24 to 60 months. This allows the business to choose exactly what they are comfortable with and often being able to align the payment stream with the actual expected savings from the installation. Thus creating a facilities upgrade that can potentially be cost free to the business from a cash flow standpoint.
  • GREAT RATES – Our rates are some of the best in the industry, whether the project is $15,000 for a small retail hardware store or a complex $5,000,000 hospital complex. We are able to manage the funding completely and provide 100% of the capital required.
  • COMPLETE CONTROL – You are our client and authorize all payments to vendors from the initial deposit to order the equipment to the final payment once the equipment is installed and operating perfectly. The business client controls the process completely.
  • TAX BENEFITS – Since you own the equipment you are able to depreciate the expense and take advantage of additional savings along the way. Obviously your individual tax situation will need to be discussed with your accounting professional.
  • ADDITIONAL FUNDS AVAILABLE – As a courtesy we historically approve our clients for more than is needed in the proposal, this way if there are equipment upgrades or changes along the way they are met with a NO PROBLEM and upgrades approved on the fly with your request.

Some business decisions are hard and others make so much sense they are easily made. The process of upgrading a business lighting system to LED lights is easy and financing 100% of that system so accessible is even easier. We work with some of the top LED lighting companies in the world including equipment from General Electric and vendors like Graybar to make the installation a success.

Our ultimate goal with all of our clients regardless of the size of their project is to make them feel like a fortune 500 company on every level. Our objective is too also make sure the financing of your LED lighting project is so seamless and easy that we are your first choice to finance any and all of your future equipment needs. LED lighting is only one type of project we like. We are also experts in food processing and packaging, Renewable Energy, Trucking and Trailers, Restaurant Equipment, Coolers and Kitchens, Freezers and furniture.