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Equipment Leases Inc. Seattle Washington Office

Equipment Leases is proud to serve Seattle, WA providing needed equipment leasing and financing to businesses in various industries.

As a seaport, Seattle may need equipment such as forklifts and other transportation equipment. Equipment Leases is a trusted source for that equipment from small to large businesses.

During the 2020 census, the population of Seattle was 737,015. Today it is a technology center but in the very early days logging was its main economy. There are plenty of parks for the outdoor adventurist.

You will also find in Seattle food, transportation, startups in the green energy and technology fields, and much more. There are plenty of sites to see in Seattle, arts and culture, and shopping

What we do

We lease by application only from $25,000 to $250,000. As a client you will need the following:

  • A signed 1-page application
  • A personal FICO score above 650
  • A few current bank statements and we can get you funded

We say yes. Yes to help you get the updated equipment you need. We utilize leasing from $250,000 to $50-million on equipment for many types of businesses and industries.

Our leasing and financing packages include:

Insurance Companies non-admitted assets is a program to help small to medium-large companies increase and stabilize any surplus they may have. It will help improve the risk-based capital percentage. Doing this helps the company ratings from AM Best, Fitch, or Moody’s.

Equipment sale-leaseback is the program we manage to help businesses that own their equipment but need cash for the business now. The way it works is we will send a third party in to evaluate the equipment. Then we will issue a check to the business for up to 50 million. The business then can lease the same equipment back so they have the equipment and cash they need.

Asset-backed inventory loans this program we set up a line of credit up to 50 million for the business. It allows the business to purchase products that can be costly. When the product arrives at the company they sell it through their system and then pay us back.

Poor credit leasing works for companies that have poor or no credit to help them get the equipment they need. The decision is based on the quality of equipment rather than the company’s credit score.

Chapter 11 as we are always looking for new ways to invest our money, businesses that have filed chapter 11 is someone we can help if they have the consent of their trustees.

Freight invoice factoring we operate this plan to help truckers. They drop off their load and then send the bill to us. We send payment immediately to their account. This way it doesn’t take two, three weeks, or more for them to get paid.

Brokers we will work with independent agents that bring their plans to us to look at and fund.

Types of equipment we lease

We lease and finance many types of equipment in various industries. Some of those include:

What are the benefits of leasing?

There are several benefits to leasing equipment. Some of those benefits include:

Why lease with Equipment Leases

Equipment Leases is the name you can trust. By leasing your equipment you take advantage of a few benefits such as, tax break, more working capital, lower monthly payments.

Leasing does not change your credit score. Leasing allows you to upgrade your equipment when the next innovation or upgrade comes out without having to sell your equipment first.

If you do not see your industry or business here, please do not hesitate to call us. We are always looking for new investments.

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