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Equipment Finance and Leasing Solutions – Your business is unique, and your equipment leasing and finance options should be as well. We learned long ago that if we were going to be successful, we had better hit a home run for our equipment leasing customer on the first at-bat with the perfectly structured equipment loan. Our leasing specialists are experts at looking beyond the balance sheet to find solutions to the real issues management sees as the top priority.

As equipment lenders, including hundreds of millions out in Sale-Leaseback Leases, we have a unique opportunity to match our client’s needs with the perfect funding solution. Involving all stakeholders, from senior management to accounting, we can make recommendations that satisfy all parties and make the equipment acquisition process as painless as possible. Whether you are a large multi-national, fortune 500, or medium-sized business, we have the solutions and expertise to make a significant difference in equipment financing experience. 

Our Business Finance & Leasing Programs

App Only Equipment Lease

Application Only (1-page)
$100,000 - $250,000

Asset-Backed - Inventory Financing

Financials and Invoices
$1,000,000 to $50,000,000

National-International Leasing

Financials and Bank Records
$250,000 – $50,000,000

Freight Invoice Factoring

Drop off the freight and get
Paid NOW on that invoice

Poor Credit Equipment Leasing

Collateral Based Leasing
$500,000 to $10,000,000

Insurance Co. Nonadmitted Assets

Manage Capital & Surplus Ratio
Up to $100,000,000

Vendor Financing

Increase sales by Offering
Financing to Your Customers

Equipment Sale Leaseback

Financials and Appraisal
Up to $50,000,000

Equipment Financing and Loan Process

Once you have the perfect new or used piece of equipment selected, finding the cash to buy the equipment should be as simple as possible. At Equipment Leases, we have provided millions for our customers to acquire the equipment they need without any hassles or surprises along the way.

Suppose you are looking for equipment financing in the $25,000 to $250,000 range. In that case, the process is as simple as telling us about yourself and your company, getting approved for the loan, paying your equipment vendors, and taking delivery. How’s that for Simple?

Finance Process

Our large equipment loans from $250,000 to $ 50 million follow the same pattern, but a few more documents are required. Anything above $750,000 usually will need a full financial presentation on your company.  Our underwriters understand that the last 2-years have been tough so they are as forgiving as possible in getting a high percentage of companies approved for large equipment leasing loans. Our document department is one of the top in the industry and make even the most complex project funding look easy.

Welcome To Equipment Leases Inc.

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of equipment leasing and finance services and funding offerings to the business community. Our specialty is funding business equipment needs along with creative solutions and expertise designed to help any business to obtain the equipment and products needed. As equipment lenders we have a unique opportunity to match our clients needs with the perfect funding solutions. The decision to buy machinery or equipment and then to pay for the new asset is a big decision. We therefore make financing equipment a simple process for businesses around the world. In addition, perfect credit is not required, we are happy to look at any deal for equipment. In spite of a poor credit history, if you have a good plan let us take a look.For example we fund equipment for great companies across many industries. We are actively financing in more than 25 industries funding millions in equipment for example:

Who We Are:

As one of the top rated Equipment Financing operation in the country, we have been servicing the small, medium, and Fortune 500 business market for the past 8-years. Our decisions are based on the business and its potential and most important not just the state of their current financials. Accordingly, we help companies with bad credit finally access capital at competitive rates. Additionally, we look at turnaround deals where we look closer at the value of the equipment in spite of the financials.Finally, providing capital among other things to acquire the most cost-efficient equipment and make the process hassle free. Equally important is the way all our clients are treated, before, during and after the project is approved and funded. In spite of how busy they are the fact is our documentation departments are simply the best.Finally, we currently welcome reputable brokers with clients needing equipment financing.

How Equipment Leasing & Finance Can Help Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you started your company in your basement and have grown over the years or acquired an existing business.  The wise use of capital becomes mission-critical for the success of the company and all owners and employees.  Lease Financing provides some very unique tax benefits that your accounting department should explore to ensure that you maximize all of your financial opportunities.

The age-old question always comes up in board rooms and break rooms, should we fund our equipment needs with cash or borrow?  Cash is always king, and if your business has more than you can ever spend, then it’s an easy decision.   However, if your company is more like the other 99.9% of all operating companies globally, protecting cash reserves is serious business.  A good rule to follow is to use your cash to grow the business and use financing to buy the equipment required to service the new contracts and increased demand.

The wise use of credit to grow the business is an intelligent choice. Leasing provides the financial tool to accomplish most corporate finance objectives.  At Equipment Leases, we look forward to exploring the perfect equipment finance solutions for your company.

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